Monday, February 2, 2015

GASSER MAGAZINE Winter 2015 Issue

Get ready - Winter 2015 Issue Coming to Your Mailbox Soon!!!!
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Monday, December 9, 2013


HOW TO GET YOUR CAR IN THE MAGAZINE: HOW TO GET YOUR CAR IN THE MAGAZINE: It's EASY.  Now that you're here, keep reading... “I can’t write,” he said after I asked him to submit an articl...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


ISSUE 124 is in the hands of the US Post Office!  

As of May 13, the current issue of GASSER Magazine was delivered to the main post office nearest our printer in Illinois.  It took me a couple of weeks longer than normal to get this issue out.  I hadn't planned on going to the emergency room because I couldn't breathe.  Thought it was allergies, nothing that mild, Congestive Heart Failure.  So I 'vacationed' in room 2362 of the 'Hospital Hotel'.  I wouldn't recommend it as a vacation spot, but it worked for me.   Recovery is way too slow and the meds way too many, but I do what the docs tell me--most of the time.  LOL  If I owe you a phone call, t-shirts or anything else, know that they're being handled...slowly but surely. 

Thanks to all who raved about the last issue.  This one is as good, or better, in my opinion than the last one.  Pam Carpenter wrote a GASSERGAL column, Gene Catoe wrote two articles, Tom Gearhart sent in some scrapbook photos of the early days, Ron Updike covered the Fall Dell Mar Nationals, and Ed Hoffman wrote about his PINKS ALL OUT experience.  Hot Rod Magazine's 65th Homecoming was superbly covered by Peter Gustaitis, Ron Upike and Vic Young.  

Race Director Don Moyer has set up our participation in two events you'll want to attend if you can.  The first is June 7-9 at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.  We're having a GASSER Nationals as part of the 5th Hunnert Car Heads Up.  The second is The “Gasser Appreciation Race” held as a part of the festivities at Summit Motorsports Park’s “Blue Suede Cruise”.

Renewal notices are going out today, May 14th.  

Thanks,  Ernest 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gasser Reunion Postponed!

Unfortunately, Gasser Magazine regrets to inform you that the 2013 Gasser Reunion has been postponed! Beaver Springs Dragway has decided to make it their own event. Don Moyer, Race Director, is diligently looking for a new venue. Circumstance create possibilities and something viewed as a negative will in the end makes this event stronger!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Monday, January 28, 2013:  I uploaded the club's mailing list to our printer early this morning.  Word is that they will bag, label and deliver the issues to the USPS no later than tomorrow morning.

How the post office works is that the magazines are directed from their drop off point to an Area Distribution Center (ADC), then shipped to major cities, then to your local post office where your neighborhood mail carrier transports it and slides it into your mailbox.  Not even the postal gods can tell me when they'll be delivered.  "They'll be there when they get there," was the answer given without a smile.  LOL

I just wanted you to know that they were on their way.


Monday, January 21, 2013

WINTER 2013 ~ ISSUE 123

January 21st:  Issue 123 was uploaded to the printer before sunrise this morning.  It should take about two weeks before this issue is in the hands of the post office.  It's jam-packed with your event and car articles.  I couldn't get every contribution into this issue, but if yours didn't make it, you'll see it in the Spring issue.   This issue's contents include:

  • FROM YOUR EDITOR by Ernest McIntyre
  • A New Era for the EAST COAST GASSERS  by Dave Swiatek
  • 21st CALIFORNIA HOT ROD REUNION by Vic Young, So Cal Club Rep
  • MOONEYES XMAS PARTY by Vic Young, So Cal Club Rep
  • J.R. BLOOM:  Drag Racing Photographer by Ernest McIntyre
  • K.S. PITTMAN by J.R. Bloom
  • THE HAYMAKER by Wayne Stine
  • DREAMS DO COME TRUE by Derek Boyd
  • 1953 WILLYS by Steve Baldi
  • RED CARPET RUMBLE by Marc Augustine, Southern New England Club Rep
  • BUILDING THE ACME RACING COUPE ~ The Early Years by  Big Al Chernik
  • AMERICAN GASSER by John Shelton

My thanks to J.R. Bloom for his historic drag racing photos from both Lions and Beeline.  When you get your copy, see if you can figure out who the guys/cars are in the cover photo.  Judging by the Isky shirt in the foreground, this shot is either from '65 or '66.  1965 is my guess.

I'll give you a heads-up when this issue is in the hands of the USPS. Thanks!

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Road Trip in Spain

Just back from a 3-week vacation in Spain and Morocco.  We flew into Madrid and then rented Volkswagen's Spanish-manufactured SEAT.  A 5-speed with four doors, hatchback, more driver room than our Lexus and just narrow enough to squeeze through the tiny cobblestone streets of Spain's oldest cities.  They rent cars differently in Spain.  It comes with a full tank of gas and a request that you bring it back empty.  I did.

Driving in Spain:  The roads are as good as in the US and the road signs are far better.  Even if you spoke only Martian, you would be comfortable on Spain's highways.  One thing that surprised me was that whether you were driving in the cities or on their freeways, there was no roadside trash--none.   Surprise number two was that they gave pedestrians the right of way at all times and without any attitude or horn honking.  I never fully got the hang of the liter system.  Gas was about the same price everywhere and I wasn't about to spend my Spain-time shopping for a penny-saving deal.  I learned to give the attendant my credit card (pumps don't take them) and say, "Completo."  Which meant, "I'm going to fill it up."

Although I kept my eyes open for rods on the road and old cars behind farm houses, my only car-encounter was a Ferrari hooking it in the other lane in Granada (see above photo).   Although US news coverage is how poor Spain is, I never saw any signs of poverty.  The people dress well, drive decent cars and not a shack was in sight of major and minor roads.  Another unexpected surprise.

Cross the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier and a different world awaits you.  Trash everywhere, extreme wealth and extreme poverty, and beat up cars.  I would have liked to have spent a night or two in Morocco to explore non-Tijuana-like Tangier.  However, we toured what we could and then hopped on the ferry back to Spain.

I'm a non-itinerary guy.  We had a list of towns we'd like to visit, but no hotel reservations and no schedule except the date/time we had to fly back home from the Madrid airport (which will blow you away in its modern design and scale).  We drove where we wanted, when we wanted and stayed where we wanted.  It was wonderful

Now I'm back at it.  Working on the next issue.  If you have photos, ads or articles you want in this issue, now is the time to get them to me.

Thanks!  Ernest